Coming home

When I taught at that inner city high school I usually got home just in time to change my clothes and fix dinner. Now, on the two days I’m at the elementary school as chaplain, I’m home mid afternoon, giving me more time to do things around the house. I really enjoy coming home, and even though I have the time to do things, I tend to goof off after I come home. Yesterday I did two loads of laundry; today, not so much.

First, I change my clothes when I get home, no matter where I’ve been. I put on my comfy around-the-house clothes. Warm cozy knits in the winter, shorts or shifts in the summer. During the winter I need socks and slippers; in the summer I just go barefoot. Gosh, I miss summer temperatures right now.

Today when I got home I could hardly wait to make a cup of tea and read my email after changing out of my chaplain uniform. But, the cats came first. They all wanted to come in and eat so I had to open a few cans of cat food before I could boil water for tea. By the time I finished those tasks, Terry had arrived home. While I made a cup of tea, he made his lunch as he doesn’t get a school lunch where he volunteers,  helping others with their computer issues.  He doesn’t usually change his clothes as soon as he gets home, either. Today he took off his tie and dress shoes and put on a sweater and slippers. If he’s going out to do some yard work then he will put on jeans and a casual shirt. It’s too cold today to go outside to do anything except get the mail.

I’m sitting on the couch now, reading and writing, being very lazy, letting my laptop keep me warm. As I’ve written over the years, I am a morning person, and by late afternoon, I am not very ambitious. I’m even thinking of ordering a pizza for dinner so I don’t have to cook this evening.


7 responses to “Coming home

  1. Isn’t it nice to work AND still have time for yourself? I love to spend the morning at the coffee shop and then take my exercise class, shower and return home. It’s bliss. 🙂

  2. Cozy with the cats. I love it!

  3. Since I don’t volunteer anywhere, I just wear my muumuus.

  4. I change into comfortable clothes first thing, too.

  5. It sounds like a good life!

  6. Me too, often PJs and cocoa, I can’t forget the cocoa and the book and the dog and a heatable in the oven.

  7. I’m the same way. If it does not get done before 2 p.m. it does not get done!

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