Cinnamon rolls

Today I stayed home and did chores around the house. The first day at home since last Saturday. It’s beginning to feel like a work-week around here with all I’ve been doing.

Because I just bought frozen bread dough, and it has been a few months since we had cinnamon rolls, I thought today a good day to make some.

I started with a roll of frozen dough:


After it thawed and was cut into pieces, I poured melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon over the entire batch.


The rolls raised in a pre-warmed oven because it was chilly in the house, too chilly for yeast dough.


It was a warm mid-afternoon treat when the rolls came out of the oven.


While those rolls were making their way through my kitchen, I was also working on cabbage soup, but I’ll spare you those details. I just used a slew of leftover ingredients along with cleaning out the crisper drawer. It made for a hearty, warm dinner.


6 responses to “Cinnamon rolls

  1. Looks really tasty! And your pictures are pretty darn wonderful, too. 🙂

  2. Looks delish, ideal for this weather 🙂

  3. I love the looks of it.

  4. mmm…one of my favourites unfortunately….yum.

  5. I wish you would share the ‘boring’ details of soup making also. I tried throwing a bunch of leftover veggies together to make a soup, as you suggested a couple of posts ago and without a guide it turned out terrible. You make meal-making look easy, but I can screw it up.

    The rolls look great, and what a clever idea you have here. This might be simple enough that I can do it.
    Today I’m making a bean soup, but I have a recipe and the proper. Ingredients, so it just might turn out well.

  6. That looks easy and good! I’m hungry and will settle this a.m. for my usual austere oatmeal breakfast, but I’m going to try your recipe out this week sometime.

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