Tea for two…or sixty

If you come by here very often lately, you will have heard how thrilled I am with the church Terry and I are now attending. It was hard to leave our previous church home after 40 years, what with all the relationships we had built and maintained. I have jumped right in and started to get acquainted with those in the new congregation and last Saturday’s tea party was another opportunity to build relationships. Plus, it was lovely and tasty time.

Each table hostess provided the tea service for their table of six plus extra pieces for the pastry table. We were served earl gray tea at the table and then made our way to the pastry table in the middle of the room to select from a beautiful assortment of delicacies, again provided by the various table hostesses.


The sixty or so ladies in attendance were entertained by the women’s chorus of a nearby high school. They sang three numbers that lifted us up and brightened the morning with their lovely young voices and charming demeanor.


The hostesses provided treat bags for the chorus members as well as a large check to their director for use in the music program at their school.

It was a delightful morning, done so exquisitely by the ladies of the church. I am enjoying getting to know these women and partake in their warm fellowship.


8 responses to “Tea for two…or sixty

  1. I wish there was an atheist church I could go to and hang out having tea and listening to lovely music 🙂
    Lovely photos.

    • I’m sure there are some non-church groups who do this type of thing. The ladies in this church are just so lovely that I love to hang out with them.

  2. I just love those beautiful teacups. I enjoyed them twice now, once here and once on Facebook. 🙂

    • Yes, this is one of those times that I posted these pictures to FB. I did it so that my FB friends can see that I am enjoying the new church. Many were surprised to learn that we left the other church after 40 years.

  3. Me too! That’s a gorgeous tea service. The lovely delicacies look scrumptious. How wonderful that you’re getting to know such lovely people.

  4. what a wonderful tea!

  5. Such a lovely tea party. I love everything about it. You are a lucky woman.

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