Drawings into cards

Last week I read the story “Regina’s Big Mistake” to the first graders. Regina’s mistake had to do with drawing a jungle picture for her classroom project. She struggled to get the picture JUST right and felt that she was making mistakes. Her teacher told her to “draw around the mistake,” which she finally did. Her drawing turned out to be very beautiful because she had to “fix” her mistake.

The lesson for the first graders was to make the best of a mistake and fix it the best way you can. I left a stack of papers and stickers for them to use to draw their own jungle. Yesterday, a few students had drawn their jungles and a couple of them wanted me to have their drawings. I brought them home and scanned them. I plan to put the drawings into InDesign and make thank you notes for the students who were so kind to share their work. That way, they will still have their drawing.

nathan jungle

lupita jungle


8 responses to “Drawings into cards

  1. I fix my cooking mistakes all the time. Sometimes it works.

  2. that’s nice of you! sweet kids too.

  3. Great drawings. I enjoy looking at my grandkids’ drawings, too.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE these two drawings. They make me smile and to think they will see them on thank you cards makes me very happy indeed. 🙂

  5. Just a note as I catch up with you. I so enjoy your posts. All of them.

  6. Thank you cards are a perfect idea! Thanks for sharing!

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