We pause for a commercial break

Terry left our garage door open earlier this week while he was pruning the mulberry tree in the front yard. You know, the tree I’ve been grumbling about him NOT pruning. He is finally getting to do the work, but while he was up in the tree with a chain saw, a cat got in the garage and marked its territory. I discovered this at the end of the day when the equipment was put away and the doors closed. Whew!

Now how was I supposed to get that smell out of the garage? I didn’t even know where the offending spot was located so I could scrub it down. Then I remembered a Fabreeze plug-in that was in the house. Terry plugged it in above the washing machine and within a couple of hours, the cat urine smell was gone and the Fabreeze lavender scent had filled the garage air.

Have you seen those Fabreeze ads where they blindfold the subject and take them into a building that has some very smelly items but also a Fabreeze product installed somewhere. The blindfolded people always describe the air as very nice smelling. Well, with this garage incident, I would agree. It smells very nice out there.




10 responses to “We pause for a commercial break

  1. No kidding? Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve seen the commercials but didn’t know if it really worked. That would be nice when mom cooks fish.

  2. Isn’t that just masking the odour though?

    • I don’t know exactly how Febreze works, Christine, but the cat pee smell is gone. I’ve put the plug-in back in the house now. The garage still smells like lavender.

  3. Excellent idea! I’ll keep that in mind.

  4. Good to know. Cat urine smell is THE WORST!

    • I agree! Makes me furious when the cats pee on anything, but seriously bad when it’s inside. Within 45 minutes, the smell was gone. I could hardly believe this plug in could work like this.

  5. I hate the smell of Febreeze. To each his own.

    • I agree that the original febreeze spray is terrible. I like the plug-in because there are different fragrances. The plug-in is the only febreeze product I use.

  6. I’ve never tried these. I am not one for air fresheners, but these sound interesting.

    • I don’t use any fake scented items like soaps or softeners. I always buy the non scented, non colored variety. I don’t like cheap, heavy perfumes, either.

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