My iPhone is watching me

I finally updated my iPhone to the latest IOS. 8.1.3

In doing so I find a bunch of new icons, on the screen, one being a cute heart called health. I clicked on it and found this:


My phone, without my knowledge, has been watching where I walk. It’s measuring my steps without my telling it to do this.

See that big spike that occured on Saturday? That’s when we went to a workshop in the mountains and I carried my phone every where, including three short hikes. Guess I should keep this gadget in my pocket at all times. Then I can accurately know how many steps I take.


8 responses to “My iPhone is watching me

  1. that’s really neat I upgraded and never noticed this.

  2. I love the Health app. I have synced it with My Fitness Pal and Endomondo. I use both apps on my iPhone and it relays all the information over to the Health app. It’s really helped me in getting healthier!

  3. I’m the same as Christine. I upgraded and never noticed this too. Since the upgrade the texting on my iPad and iPhone are not connected which is really upsetting.

  4. I have that Health app but I don’t use it. I figure I know how much I actually work out, but maybe I’ll give it a try now that you’ve broken the ice. 🙂

    • I normally do not carry my iPhone every where I go while at home. It usually lies on the divider and gets checked occasionally during the day. Because of the discovery of this gadget, I have been carrying the phone EVERY where. I knew I walked quite a bit around the house, and today the app is proving it to be so. However, I don’t like carrying my phone every where I go.

  5. Once again, you led the way into this technological world.

  6. I’m supposed to get 8,000 steps for optimum fitness. As if.

    • I’ve always been told 10K steps a day. That isn’t happening on a regular day. Wish I lived in a city where I could walk every day like I did in San Francisco.

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