It’s a beautiful Monday

We had about a half inch of rain over the weekend. The ‘pineapple express’ cleaned the air really well. Warm winds and showers made for a nice weekend here, but I know other parts of California weren’t as fortunate. Flooding, strong winds, even fires were reported in some places. It’s a holiday for Fresno Unified today–Lincoln’s birthday. The kids are out playing and I’m out raking leaves. It’s a beautiful day. Hope the rest of the week is like this. But we do need more rain.


This is the view of the blue sky through the pear blossoms as seen in my backyard.


6 responses to “It’s a beautiful Monday

  1. glad you got a bit of rain, your photo is so beautiful!

  2. Ah, those beautiful California skies and the sparkling light.

  3. What a fabulous picture! And I’ll bet you loved that rain. It’s wonderful to see it after a long spell of dry weather, not to mention drought conditions. 🙂

  4. It’s raining right now, and it is quite humid here in Hawaii.

  5. Beautiful photo Delaine. Nice to see your sky blue.

  6. What a fantastic photo! I love seeing the pear blossoms against the sparkling blue skies. We just got some air cleaning rain yesterday. We needed it to clean up the vog in the air.

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