Moving, moving, moving

I have returned home from Good News Club at an inner city elementary school. This is a different school than where I am chaplain but with its own problems. There are many low income, high density apartments in the neighborhood, and in past years there was a turnover of students at Christmas break.

This year, the turnover has held off for an additional month, with kids now saying goodbye to us. Last week we lost three kids to moves, today a couple more were gone. As we cleaned up, a girl came back to hang out for a few minutes and let us know she would be moving tomorrow to a nearby school.

Families are moving to cheaper housing. Some of them are moving in with other family members. Always moving, moving, moving. The girl who came back today to let us know of her move has attended three schools the past year. Since I attended the same school for my whole young life, I cannot imagine this many moves. Then we expect them to do well on standardized testing.


8 responses to “Moving, moving, moving

  1. How very hard it is on these kids. I’m glad they have an advocate in their lives (you). I moved around a lot as a kid, but nothing like that!

  2. Sad, sorry this is happening.

  3. We take so much for granted in our own lives, think of our own problems, then I hear stories like this and it is so sad and these are children, with no choice.

  4. very sad and nothing we can do for these poor kids and their parents.

  5. It’s heartbreaking. Times are so different now.

  6. It’s like the Depression all over again.

  7. A tough life, although my Dad was well educated, he had difficulty working for others, and I was moved 32 times before I was eight years old. After that he formed his own business, and then we stayed put until I left home. The business went bankrupt after I left, and my brother was in four different high schools because they began moving again. What a life.

  8. I’m so glad you’re able to listen and support these children, Delaine. It’s awful for kids when they don’t have stability and consistency in their home life and their education.

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