The rest of the story

Those of you who have been with me for awhile may remember my post about the first day I went out to the elementary school to meet the teachers with whom I would be working as a school chaplain. I told you the story of “George,”  a fifth grader who had gotten into a fight during the lunch recess. I wrote this about the incident:

Since George is a fifth grader, it is unlikely I will see him again as I hang out with the lower grades. The office manager told me, though, when I checked out that afternoon, that George was in a much better mood when she got back to him.

That took place in October, and today, four months later, I ran into George in the front office. He had hurt his ankle and it was swollen so he had come to the nurse’s office to get an ice pack. He saw me and smiled. He asked about my work with the first graders (imagine, he had remembered that from all those months ago) and what story I would be reading today. I showed him the book about Ruby Bridges and we talked about the story as I walked with him through the building. As we got ready to part and go our separate ways, George reached around me and gave me a hug before saying goodbye. I was almost in tears.


11 responses to “The rest of the story

  1. What a sweet young boy, who may remember YOU all his life. I am also almost in tears. Thank you for this wonderful little story. 🙂

  2. You’ve illustrated the power of reaching out to others. George sounds like a special person.

  3. Now you have me almost in tears!

  4. Thats what it is all about. Congrats and enjoy!

  5. You touched his heart and now he has touched yours.

  6. You brought tears to my eyes. You are so needed.

  7. What you are doing is changing a child….maybe more than one.

  8. .Some folks out there will say, “Big deal. You touched his heart– I’m only interested in his test scores.” How sad for George, others like him, and teachers too.

  9. It’s amazing what positive changes one enlightened individual can bring into another’s life. We don’t often get to know the results of our good works. His hug said it all.

  10. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Delaine! That’s so beautiful. It truly tells you what an impact you made on that tender young soul.

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