Have no fear, the mulberry will reappear

My last post showed the pruned mulberry tree. Some of you were startled at such a severe pruning job. Have no fear, this happens EVERY year. If it’s not pruned like that, it produces mulberry fruit which is so messy.

We love this tree in our front yard as it keeps our living room shaded on hot, sunny, summer mornings. Here is a view of the tree last summer:


And yes, it was pruned back the year before. In the fall, the tree provides a canopy of gold:


I keep a record of the tree on my Instagram account if you want to see other seasonal views.


7 responses to “Have no fear, the mulberry will reappear

  1. The first house we lived in after we got married had a row of catalpa trees along the property border. Every few years we’d have them trimmed back severely and they always survived.

  2. the birds would love the mulberries I bet. even messier.

    • The mulberries fall all over the walkways, making them dangerous for walking. The flies arrive when the fruit begins to rot. It’s just a horrible mess.

  3. Well, I guess your reason for cutting it is as good as any. The tree does look pretty when it grows back.

  4. I wasn’t startled. I love the pruning job you did.

  5. That is such a beautiful tree. Can you eat mulberries?

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