Everyone talks about it…

…but there is nothing we can do about it–the weather.

Here in California we have no rain. Temperatures have been warm for the season. Trees and flowers are blooming, yet there is no idea if water will be available for irrigation during the summer. A summer that may be hotter than usual.

Then, I sit and watch in amazement the national weather news on television. All this cold, all this snow. I cannot even begin to imagine what life in these places must be like. To be so cold for so long. The snow so deep that one cannot open the front door and go outside. No end in sight as another storm is forecast, day after day.

I hate to be cold, and to me, cold is anything below 45 degrees. There are so many who would be thankful if the temperature could be that high. It must take a lot of clothing to stay warm in those kinds of temperatures. Must take a lot of heating fuel, too. Our Pacific Gas & Electric bills increase in the winter because of my dislike of cold. I don’t think we could pay the bill if we lived where it’s really cold.

Now I’m hearing of leaking and collapsing roofs. How do the elderly and handicapped get the snow removed? And beyond the winter storm, how will they get maintenance on limited incomes? All these things bother me, yet what can we do about the weather except talk about it. Just like the cold days, it is depressing.



10 responses to “Everyone talks about it…

  1. Weather effects us all in different ways, and we can cope with most of these conditions. It’s only when extremes are reached that we have concerns.

    And droughts are a major concern. We can all keep warm, or cool off, etc, but finding water during wide spread shortages will be a big problem.

    Many measures can be implemented to conserve water, and one of these is illustrated in this cartoon . . . .



  2. Global warming. It’s definitely here.

  3. Decades ago when I lived in Michigan, I remember the endless snow and cold. You just don’t go out much, and hopefully the elderly have help from the able bodied. I wonder, too, how people survive the extreme cold.

  4. This is why I like living in Hawaii. There are no extremes here.

  5. we are dealing with a lot of burst pipes in the Toronto area due to the freezing cold temps.

  6. I’m not about to turn the furnace up from its winter setting of 67 (65 at night). I just put another layer of clothes on….or find a cat to lay on my lap.

    • Wow, Kathy, you keep your house about the same temperature as we do. 64 at night and 70 during the day. Some days, though,it seems that our heater constantly runs. I cannot imagine how much your heater must run in such low temperatures as you all are having.

  7. They say that talking about the weather is boring, but this winter the weather is giving us something to talk about. We have mostly had a mild winter here, but we have days of bitter cold and snow that are followed by days where the weather is in the 60’s. We almost always have sunny skies. Even in the winter we have beautiful clear blue skies. That is what I love most.

  8. The upside is that this too will pass. David says the flakes are getting bigger!

  9. We would often hear of older people in Chicago having a heart attack during winter while shoveling snow. I was more concerned about hurting my back when shoveling heavy wet snow.

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