Eat well, take care of yourself, and do good deeds

A friend who has just endured her second hip replacement in the span of three months called Sunday afternoon to ask if I could drive her to physical therapy this morning. Although I had plans to do laundry, shopping, and other chores, I was sure I could fit her pick-up and drop-off into my day. I would sure want someone to do that for me if I had just had similar surgery. Oh, and during the last hip replacement, she suffered a minor heart attack (is a heart attack ever minor?) during her recovery.

This friend and I attended the same church for a couple of years. We taught Sunday School together for one year. This was all before things drastically changed at that church and I pulled out and went elsewhere. My friend was a fairly new member of the church when I met her. She had made a few friends in the congregation. Later on, she would be part of a small group. As far as I have been able to tell, none of them have visited her in the hospital, brought food or sundry supplies to her as she recuperated, or offered to transport her to doctor and therapy appointments.

Last week, on the last day of the chaplain academy, we had a bit of celebratory lunch with different people providing dishes. The lady who sat next to me brought fried chicken. It was so good, especially since I had not had any for over a year. I only ate one piece, a wing, with a spoonful of potato salad and some of the raw veggies from a platter brought by another attendee. After consuming a heaping plate of fried chicken, rolls, and potato salad, the lady next to me returned with two large glazed doughnuts. She asked if I wanted one and I declined. She proceeded to eat both. I would have been sick if I had eaten them. An hour or so after lunch, when we were learning about missing children and violence towards children, the lady next to me fell asleep. And we were in the front row. I chided her later about too many carbs making her sleepy. She asked if I never napped in the afternoon. No, usually not. For one thing, I’m  away from home three afternoons a week and on the others, I always have something to keep me occupied. Nor, do I eat a heavy lunch that could make me sleepy.

Today, after groceries had been purchased, errands had been run, laundry was washed and put away, and my friend had been deposited back home after therapy with the latest John Grishom book to tide her over, I made juice from apple, beet, blueberries, carrot, kale, and blood orange. Just the perk-up I needed to keep me going. No nap today.


2 responses to “Eat well, take care of yourself, and do good deeds

  1. This post made me laugh as I could see the both of you having this conversation and she falling asleep. Lol…

  2. I’ll bet she wonders why she has trouble keeping her weight down, too. I would have been sick too if I had eaten what she did. You certainly do keep busy, and I’m glad you were able to help your friend. 🙂

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