“Hitting a wall”

For three weeks I have been on the go, usually up early and out the door so as to be somewhere. Every day had a duty, a responsibility, a chore. I’ve had to be responsible. Sort of like when I was teaching. There have been lots of commitments to meet lately, and being the responsible person I am, I have met them all. The next three weeks promise to be likewise. However, for today, I must stop. My body has rebelled. I have ‘hit a wall.’

One day, a week or so ago, I felt icky, but due to all that was going on and all that had to be done, I shook it off. I would do similar tricks when teaching, and I knew I HAD to be in the classroom for the next few days, willing myself to be better. Although my days are not as grueling as those spent in that inner city high school, I still have lots to do in retirement. Last night, though, with what looked to be a day to goof off on the horizon, my body said, ‘enough,’ and I was sick.

I finally crawled out of bed around 9 this morning, with a serious headache, but my innards felt somewhat better.  A cup of hot tea while reading the newspaper made me feel a bit more human. A hot shower to get my hair washed perked me up some more. But, my body is achey and tired feeling. So, here I sit, on the couch, feet up, giving in to how I feel.

Being around sick children for five months may have taken its toll. I keep taking my supplements, especially the probiotics, to keep myself well. They worked while I was teaching high school students, and my health has been excellent, excluding the occasional migraine when the air pressure shifts. Three weeks, though, without a day to do NOTHING, has also taken its toll.

I have a couple of really good books to read, so for today, I will sit on the couch and do nothing. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I can go outside and work in the backyard, which had been my plan for today. I will not overdo, though, because the next three weeks will be very busy, and I need to be on top of my game.


9 responses to ““Hitting a wall”

  1. Sometimes you extroverted energizer bunnies need to recharge.

  2. I’ve been there. I do hope you take a couple of days to recharge before going full blast again!

  3. Drats! I hope you feel better tomorrow! Get some rest!

  4. Feel better soon! Thanks for the heads up on clocks FORWARD. I knew it, but still muddled it.

  5. You are certainly a busy person. But you need your rest just like any other human. Glad to know you’re listening to your body’s demands for rest. 🙂

  6. I rarely get sick, but I can empathize with you. Take it easy today!

  7. Perhaps you have heard this one already. I just heard it for the first time, and I love it… “When you say “no” to someone else, you are saying “yes” to yourself.”

  8. I just can’t function that way any more but have to pace myself. In any case, illness is part of life. Everyone gets sick sometimes.
    Glad you are taking care of yourself.

  9. When I was teaching I got sick every spring and winter. Now that I’m retired I rarely get sick (knock on wood!). Kids must carry around an extra share of germs. Absolutely! Get some rest!!!

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