Red berries for the birds

A few months back, Kathy over at Second Half told the saga of her asparagus fern. It was wintering in her bathroom.

I chuckled at the time for a couple of reasons. 1) Her asparagus fern looked rather lanky and naked; 2) It was indoors for the winter.

Our asparagus fern has lived in a triangle right below the kitchen window for about 30 years. It has to be cut back every so often as it begins to take over the sidewalk next to it.

Right now, the fern has a crop of red berries that the mockingbirds are busily harvesting.

You can also see, at the top of the photo, that the fern is trying to work itself up the garage wall.


7 responses to “Red berries for the birds

  1. This is wonderful. I never knew these ferns produced berries or that birds ate them.

  2. That is a very healthy plant!

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