A 100 year birthday party

Margaret's three children, 8 grandchildren, and numerous great grandchildren

Margaret’s three children, 8 grandchildren, and numerous great grandchildren

Terry and I were privy to attend the 100 birthday party of a lady from our former church whom we have known for 40 years. I realized, at the party on Saturday, that we are now older than Margaret was when we first met her. How did we become the ‘older people?’

The party was held at the retirement center where birthday girl, Margaret, has lived for about 30 years. The retirement center is owned by American Baptist Homes of the West and has just undergone a MAJOR remodel. Whereas the buildings had all been one story, low-slung, very mid-century looking, they are now three and four stories tall and very mediterranean in appearance. The plan was to get all the rebuilding done so as to be ready for the influx of baby boomers who are knocking at the door. That would be Terry and me. I’m not sure we will be able to afford to live there, especially now that the remodel has taken place which just adds to the cost, but I sure would like to when we no longer want to live on our own.

The birthday party was my kind of event. Simple. No lunch or fancy foods were served. No one entertained. No one danced. Cake and punch were served after we sang Happy Birthday.



The granddaughters cut the cake. Unfortunately I was unable to have a piece as the cakes were baked by Costco who uses a preservative in their flour that makes me very sick.


I told Jennifer that when I die, I want to have cake served after the memorial service. Just cake, but very good cake. And while we were discussing the food, I told her I also have a playlist for my memorial service. I am hopeful I can live as long as Margaret, but one never knows when one’s time here is up and it’s time to move on. I want to get things ready.

However, right now, I’m hoping to live as long as Margaret so that my granddaughter can give as wonderful a speech as Margaret’s did.

Delighted to be at Margaret's 100 birthday party. Terry did the photos.

Delighted to be at Margaret’s 100 birthday party. Terry did the photos.


11 responses to “A 100 year birthday party

  1. What a wonderful celebration, I was recently at a 90th and am invited to an 88th next month. There’s something about these celebrations of life with the living, isn’t there?

  2. You are so pretty!

  3. Nice. I’m wondering where the hoards of Boomers are,though. I expected our senior center to get more crowded,but so far that hasn’t happened.

    • They aren’t quite ready for the retirement homes, maybe another 10 years, but they are coming. Most of us boomers are still becoming grandparents and that is taking up lots of our time and energies. As those grand babies grow up and fly the nest, the boomers will look for the next thing to do. Which will probably be serious downsizing and looking for good medical care.

  4. I didn’t know that about Costco cake. That makes me wonder if it’s why I can’t eat it, either. I try very hard to avoid anything that sweet anyway. Happy birthday to Margaret! Nice pictures, BTW. 🙂

    • All Costco baked goods have the preservative. I first discovered how sick I could become when people would serve those gigantic Costco muffins. I cannot eat Keebler products for the same reason. I never take an unlabeled cracker!

    • Oh, forgot to mention, Terry took the photos, I just downsized them in Photoshop.

  5. Lovely woman and lovely party.

  6. Terry did a fabulous job with the photos! Margaret looks amazing for 100 years of age. Wow! You look fabulous too, Delaine!

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