Friends in small bodies

Every day that I am chaplain at the southside school, I first check in with the cafeteria manager and pay for my lunch. This takes place during kindergarten lunch so I often see these munchkins coming and going. They head out to the playground just as the first and second graders come in the other side of the cafeteria.

The first graders are my initial responsibility so I spend most of lunch time with them. Last week I had a second grader, who was at the miscreant table, ask why I didn’t read stories to the second graders. He was disappointed to learn that I only go into first grade classrooms.

Today, as I was leaving the first grade wing, after reading my story for the day, the kindergartners were marching through the hallway on their way home. I stood and watched them, keeping a bit of order while teachers caught up from the back of the lines. Many of the kids recognized me, and they said hi as they passed me. One little girl, coming along with her group, stops in front of me, points to me, turns around to the girl behind her and says, “This is my friend.” So, now I am friend to a kindergartner whose name I don’t even know. Hopefully, she will be one of the first graders next year and I will know her name.


10 responses to “Friends in small bodies

  1. Your posts about the children are my absolute favorite! 🙂

  2. I think that if you continue as a chaplain at this school you’ll eventually have friends in EVERY grade.

    • I did some research yesterday about how many of the sixth graders actually started at the school as first graders. The office manager could only think of TWO. The transiency in this school is one of the big problems. I’m not sure how much effect I can have on that piece of the pie.

  3. At the YMCA where I work out, there are often little ones being taken out for a walk, all holding a rope with little handles on it. There is an adult at the head and at the tail, and I enjoy watching them as they pass by. There’s one little munchkin who waves at everybody and probably has many friends. 🙂

  4. I love to see little ones, so cute!

  5. Keep it up. You do good work.

    • Thanks, Gigi, but sometimes I wonder. Yesterday, while telling my story which involved lots of laughing, one little boy suddenly melted and started wailing. I was crushed.

  6. What a perfect gift.

  7. It’s so valuable for a child to think of a grownup as a friend. It’s a friendship to treasure.

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