Living in the past

Three years ago I was doing research for The Allied Arts Girls novel I was writing. The “book” is finished, but it’s fun to think back to the details that went into writing it.

Today I am meeting a friend and we will walk the Huntington Boulevard. Maybe I’ll stop by Harriet’s house and see how it’s doing.

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I have been living  in the 1940s this past week while doing research for my historical novel–Allied Arts Girls. I’ve been thinking about rationing of food and gasoline, no nylons, Gray Ladies, victory gardens, weekend passes, military hospitals, World War 2 (reading “Pearl Harbor Christmas,” by Stanley Weintraub), and today I went out to look at the houses these “girls” lived in during the ’40s.

I came home very depressed, having found the homes to be in rather disreputable states; and then I remembered, it’s been 72 years, what did I expect these houses to look like? The neighborhoods, though, on the whole, were still in good shape. One of the women lived in one of the best neighborhoods in Fresno, and it’s still in good shape, and still upscale. I decided, though, in seeing the actual house, that I would move her down the street to a bigger house.

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