God laughs when we make plans

I wrote these words two years ago, after attending City Summit 2013. Right now, City Summit 2015 is in full swing but I didn’t sign up this year as I have been too busy doing the work I first learned about at the 2013 conference–school chaplain. Funny how life turns out.


I have read many books over the years, attended many conferences, presented to many groups, taught in an inner city school, lead in an inner city church, cooked for a women’s shelter, raised awareness for a number of local organizations that help the poor, the downtrodden, the less affluent, all the time wanting to learn more about how to do a better job in making a difference. Terry and I have also volunteered in San Francisco, at Glide Memorial, Year Up, Emerge, and Rebuilding Together San Francisco. While living in San Francisco, the homeless were camping right below our apartment and so I packed meals and distributed them as I walked the streets.

My goal, upon retiring from the inner city high school, was to work for a nonprofit in San Francisco, helping those in need. I applied to every organization that had a job listing where my skills could be used. I got one interview out of the whole lot and was told I would be bored. Finally, I gave up, left San Francisco, and returned to volunteer in Fresno where the unemployment rates are high, the poverty rates even higher, and the needs are overwhelming. But, our home is paid for, unlike in San Francisco where the rent on our tiny studio apartment was $2400 a month, so I don’t need a salary. There are many agencies to whom I can give my time and skills.

This is a bit of advice I follow: Do not lose heart,; do not become faint. When you seek to perform a good work that God asks of you, you will always find an ample supply of God’s grace to sustain you.


7 responses to “God laughs when we make plans

  1. very inspiring words today.

  2. I believe everything happens for a reason. You weren’t meant to do your good deeds in San Francisco.

  3. For me, I had wanted to volunteer with books. Now here I am working with books every day at the American Cancer Society’s Discovery thrift shop. It’s a special gift for a person like me who reads everything and who has cancer in every corner of her life too. I am often reminded that God has a sense of humor. What a wonderful post.

  4. Feint heart never wins at anything.

  5. You are dedicating yourself to the poor. I find that so admirable.

  6. I really admire your drive, optimism and energy, Delaine.

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