Thankful for the storage unit

Today I boxed up 8 years of journals–2003-2011–and will take them to the storage unit where journals 1997-2002 already reside. 


I write a lot and can’t bear tossing these out. Wonder if anyone will ever want to read all those pages?  Maybe in 100 years there will be some historical value to my 20th and 21st century musings. 


15 responses to “Thankful for the storage unit

  1. I too hav boxes of journals, starting in 1971. Mykids say they don’t want them, will never read them, yet I keep them. Maybe a grandchild or great grandchild will be interested…

  2. I am the same. I kept a journal throughout the 80’s and part of the 90’s. I also cannot throw them out, and every once in awhile I peruse them and find them (1) boring, (2) interesting, and (sometimes) (3) surprising. 🙂

    • I love to read my old journals to see what I was doing at that point in time. Many of the events have been forgotten until I read my own words on it.

  3. that’s some collection! I know some people print their blogs out every year.

    • I’ve thought about printing the blog, but have decided it is unnecessary as it’s all still online and I have the handwritten pages, too. Many of my ideas for blog posts got played out first on the journal page.

  4. Oh my goodness. You do like to write – a lot! My journals are skimpy in comparison. I admire you tenacity at keeping the writing going. I wish I had been more consistent in keeping a journal.

  5. That is admirable. I wish I still had all the things I’ve ever written.

    • I didn’t start journaling until 1997, the year after our daughter left for college and i realized she was not coming back. I had to channel my energies into other areas. WRiting became one of them.

  6. All I have is my blog.

  7. I too have boxes of my old journals, diaries, etc. I doubt anyone will ever care what’s in them. I do love those plastic storage boxes, however.

    • I buy the kind that are moisture and dust resistant. We have little moisture here, but the storage unit can become quite dusty. Cardboard boxes do not work well for that reason as the dust seeps in.

  8. Yes, these are very important things. You are living a life of importance to historians. Ask at your local college or university if they would like them. You are writing a unique history of a time that’s special. Mine look much like yours in their plastic boxes. Now I just save ephemera, since I can’t write, and stick a disc of my journal in each box.

    • Funny you should mention ephemera. Each journal has all the cards, notes, letters, news articles, receipts, programs that come along during the time period. Some are very thick and hard to hold together.

  9. I have a bunch of journals too, but they got moldy here in Hawaii. I have them in a plastic bag now with a desiccant. I’m sure your children and grandchildren will be glad you kept them.

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