What a week it’s been

Whew, what a week. Sure there was all the usual activities going on. Then, on the back burner were plans for next week when the grandchildren will be here. I’ve been making menus, shopping for supplies and food, as well as planning for some fun things to do.

On Tuesday my next door neighbor came at dinner time to ask if I could take her to pick up her sister’s car. Her sister had gone to the doctor earlier in the day and been sent, by ambulance, to the hospital. Totally unexpected even though she had been sick off and on for two months.

The car was sitting in the doctor’s office parking lot, and my neighbor needed it to be able to get to the hospital to see her sister. The sisters have lived next door to us for over 10 years and we often help each other out as well as doing a few things together.

I’ve been cooking all day so as to take food next door. The sister who is still hospitalized with tachycardia and fluid in her lungs usually does all of the cooking for the two of them. I’ve been so busy with my school chaplain duties and planning for next week that I’ve not had time to provide anything until today. We had hoped the hospital would release her by now, but it may be awhile longer. Her daughter will arrive over the weekend from back east but I don’t think she can be away from her job for very long.

Another friend who I’ve been helping sent me a message that after having her second hip replaced within six months she now has a fracture in the newly replaced hip. No idea how she did it, but she is pretty much bed-ridden for six weeks.

One more shocker this week was the arrest of the deputy police chief after an FBI investigation that found he was running a drug dealing business, using his medical insurance to buy the drugs and his family members to distribute them. Fresno has so many problems, many tied to drug use and the surrounding crime, that this  just blew us away.

Yesterday I accompanied a home liaison in taking a boy home. He was being suspended for the rest of the day and today for fighting. I didn’t think she should go by herself with this boy, a sixth grader. So much has been happening with school employees lately around here. None of it good. I didn’t want her putting herself in a compromising position. I’m sad that a sixth grader is being suspended. Sure wish I could figure out how to make that stop.

Okay, the next week is Spring Break here. I will not have Good News Club or school chaplaincy next week. I will be busy with the grandchildren. Hopefully it will be very non eventful. and no more co-pilots taking things into their own hands and crashing airliners into mountains. I really can’t handle another such tragedy.


4 responses to “What a week it’s been

  1. Oh, I hope so too. Some how, from far down here, I am grateful that you are there to help others. Thanks alot.

  2. Yes, that is a very eventful and busy week. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy your grandchildren and get a much needed break somewhere in there. 🙂

  3. Oh dear. I hope you have time to take care of yourself. You do give so much!

  4. Have a great time with your grandchildren. You sure have had a busy and stressful sounding week. I hope this coming week will be calmer and peaceful in time for Easter.

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