Record-breaking heat

Friday’s high temperature of 91 broke a record. It’s only the end of March, but this is actually the second day of 90 degree weather in 2015. Makes one wonder what summer is going to be like. Especially since there is less water than ever before.

My next door neighbor got to come home at the end of Friday without a diagnosis. The doctors could find nothing wrong with her except for a buildup of fluid in her lungs that then triggered tachycardia. Terry and I delivered potato salad, fruit salad, pilaf, chicken noodle soup, roasted asparagus, roasted butternut squash, and olive bread for the sisters to eat for a day or so. Hopefully that will hold them over until they can go grocery shopping.

All that cooking and the rising temperatures have made for a very warm house. And humid. Terry got out all of the fans and turned them on to give us a little comfort without turning on the air conditioning. While I was preparing food, I was also doing laundry. Terry was vacuuming in between editing photos from an event he attended last week. He also uploaded the photos to a site for the organization. We don’t have fast internet connections so while he’s uploading those large files, I stay off the Internet. It was pretty easy with all the other chores I had to complete.


9 responses to “Record-breaking heat

  1. I remember those hot valley days. But so early in the season? It’s very peculiar.

  2. I think you have our heat as well as yours. There was some sloppy snow falling this morning, and we’ll have a deep freeze tonight.

  3. I am a little worried about this summer, too. We don’t have a drought, but nobody here has air conditioning because it usually doesn’t get all that hot. I do hope your neighbor recovers. It was so nice of you to take all that food for them.

  4. wow that’s hot already. Hope your neighbour will be okay.

  5. 91 yesterday I fear portends for a very hot and nasty summer. Throw in the water shortage, and we’re in for a difficult year.

  6. The thermometer hit 75 here yesterday, and this morning it was 36. I had to wear gloves when I walked the dogs.

  7. I do hope you get some relief from all that heat. It isn’t even summer yet.

    Also, I hope the neighbor of yours gets better soon and that they have some answers.

  8. 91 degrees?!? Yikes! That’s grueling! Funny how it’s so hot on your side of the mainland and still so cold on my kids’? I sure hope it cools down for you.

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