Making ready for Easter week

Our grandaughter begins her three-week spring break by coming to our house, along with her little brother, for the next week. Terry and I have been making preparations, along with enjoying some beautiful spring days, albeit on the warm side. 

I’m currently relaxing in the backyard after two days of cleaning, shopping, and cooking. 


Terry spent some time assembling a patio box to store the kids’ outdoor toys. 


And since it is Easter, I made a couple of baskets, filled with a chocolate bunny and eggs, for each grandchild. They, along with their grandfather, are Peanuts’ aficionados, so the books should provide for a bit of fun what with a page of stickers to use in each one. 


I also got a box of “sand” that should be fun as it’s moldable but quickly returns to a ‘soft’ state. 



I’ll let you know if we get around to a train ride in the mountains. Although it sounds like a good idea right now, we’ll see how things play out around here. Taking it one day at a time… No, more like, one hour at a time. 


10 responses to “Making ready for Easter week

  1. That is some neat sand. I’m interested in how the kids will use it. Have a great holiday with those little ones! 🙂

    • After 4 days here, and now ready to go home, Leeya only played with the sand once, the first day. She molded it into a pan and drew a heart in the sand. And that was it. Maybe another time. We had lots of other things to do while they were here.

  2. Enjoy your time with these lucky kids, you great grandparents you!

  3. What a fun grandma you are.

  4. Cute photos! Have a nice Easter.

  5. Awwww… my daughter is having a baby boy and we are so excited…Michelle

  6. We will come on the train ride if it isn’t too hot. 🙂 And is that a red wrapped Christmas Tree out in your yard past your lovely toes?

  7. one hour at a time sounds… right. haha. and the sand, want that!

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