A good Friday

I am writing this post as we drive back to Fresno after a week of grandchildren. We deposited Judah and Leeya with their parents who now have the responsibility of feeding, caring, and disciplining them. It’s a big job and one that gives me pangs of anxiety. 

It was a really good week, though, with lots of fun activities. We didn’t have much downtime except for cartoons in the mornings. Breakfast was the same every morning–Belgium waffles. 


The days were filled with

Finger painting


Making bubbles


Doing crafts


Eating Popsicles 


Riding a steam locomotive train in the mountains


After which we had a picnic lunch, stopped at the camp where Judah and Leeya’s parents worked, met, and married, finally having ice cream in the small mountain community. 

Grandparents and grandchildren had a grand time, but now we all go back to our regularly scheduled lives. 


9 responses to “A good Friday

  1. un time was had by all. Good to eat your popsicle shoeless I think.

    • The popsicles were on Monday, the only warm day we had. The rest of the week was windy and chilly. The wind was great for the bubbles on Tuesday. They blew all over the neighborhood.

  2. Fun…autocorrect is driving me crazy.

  3. I see you Californians have some rain in your future! Figures, after the Guv decided to enact strict water rationing. 🙂

    • We may get a few showers. There is snow forecast in the Sierra Nevada which will be good, but too little too late to do much. The weather front, though, will cool us off, big time.

  4. I spent time with my nephew and niece on good friday too 🙂 almost the whole day but just at their house. it’s always a good idea to catch up with some playtime with the kids. 🙂 i wish we could also have “a week” together. =D

    • We love having the grandkids at our house as we have two yards in which they can play as well as fun things in the house for them to do. Our lives are put on hold during these days and we devote our entire time and attention to them.

  5. Sounds perfect and fun

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