Easter Monday

The plan had been to run errands today as it’s my only day this week that does not have an activity on the calendar. Then I remembered that it is also the last day of Easter break. I don’t know how your school district does it, but the schools in this area take the week BEFORE Easter as spring  break, with the Monday after Easter as a day off, too. All those people who spent the week before Easter either away on a trip or doing other activities will today be out, running errands, just like I had planned so as to be ready to head back to school tomorrow.

This all became clear to me while I was blowdrying my hair early this morning. The more I thought about the crowds in places I would be going–car wash, bank, Target, school supply store–I decided to wait until tomorrow morning and get out very early before I head to Good News Club at 2 p.m. I will spend today, the last day of Easter break, doing laundry, working in the backyard, and reading a book I just started and can hardly put down, “Invisible City” by Julia Dahl.

The reason I must GO into the bank, and not just an ATM, is that I need 21 one dollar bills for my school lunches for the month of April. You cannot get those at an ATM. Nor can you get them from your smart phone. I love transferring money, paying my bills, and even depositing checks with my iPhone. But they’ve yet to figure out a way for me to get cold currency from the device.

As for school lunches, I’ve looked at the menus for April and I like each day’s offering except for one, pepperoni pizza, which I cannot eat due to the cheese. There is no hamburger on the April menu, either, which pleases me. You may remember, that was the item I found most disagreeable when I started eating the school lunch as school chaplain. The FRESNO BEE writer who did the piece about me in January checked into the hamburger story with the food services manager and he told her it was coming back but would be improved.  It disappeared from the menus for a couple of months, making an appearance in March, supposedly improved. It was better, but still not great.

The return from Easter break heralds the beginning of the end of the school year. It is the last 10-week quarter and much of it will be taken up with standardized testing, special performances, and award ceremonies. There are four more Good News Club meetings and eight more weeks of school chaplaincy stories.  Then I too will be finished for the year and ready to start summer vacation. We have the month of July filled with plans, but the rest of the summer is still wide open.


4 responses to “Easter Monday

  1. Hope your fingers have given in and stopped vibrating. Hope you had a good Easter too. I hate that the kids have to spend so much time on testing. They just started those when I was in grade school, and they showed up my learning disabilities so clearly.

  2. Yes, we are close to the end of the school year now.

  3. I’m glad you will be having a summer to do something else, so you can stay fresh for the kids next year. I so enjoy the work you do, and your descriptions of it. And I also hear that you are getting some much needed precipitation in your part of the country. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you are very busy.

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