Can we just quit eating?

For the past three weeks I have been up to my eyeballs in fixing food. Baking, roasting, poaching, frying, mixing, and all the other stuff that goes along with fixing food. I have made meals for church, neighbors, grandchildren, cats, and of course, Terry and me. I’m tired of cooking.

This evening, while using leftovers to make carne asada burritos, I wanted to just sit down and cry. All the work to prepare food to eat has finally overwhelmed me. I  want to have someone ask me out for dinner. Which is exactly what I told Terry.

“I’m tired of all this cooking I’ve been doing. I’m hoping some really handsome man with come along and take me out to dinner.”

Do you think he got the hint?


10 responses to “Can we just quit eating?

  1. I hope so! It definitely sounds like you deserve some time off!

  2. I sure hope so! I got it and there’s a little distance between us. Take pictures of the dinner, okay? 🙂

    • We have decided to walk to a nearby restaurant this next week, either Tues, Wed, or Thurs. Those are busy days for me and ones when I don’t really like to have to fix dinner.

  3. Sometimes it does get overwhelming. We went out last week, but the food is never as good as what we have at home.

  4. u need to go to dinner, lol!

  5. I hosted a family party in my home last night. It was potluck, but I made quite a few dishes, myself. All worth it because everyone had a good time.

    Yeah, tell hubby to take you out. Lol.

    • We are planning to go out next week. Today, after church, I came home and put chicken on to poach (for the cats) and put potatoes on to boil to make potato salad which I will make before I go out to a chamber concert later this afternoon. Tonight’s dinner will be hot dogs and potato salad! At least the cat who needs a special preparation will have chicken for that.

  6. I thing everyone gets tired of cooking sometimes. Glad you figured out a solution.

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