Sunny mornings

By 8 o’clock the sun is high in the sky and blazing in the living room window. I have to draw the drapes for a couple of hours after having just opened them at sunrise around 6:30. 


I was up early on a Saturday as it’s our day to run the sprinklers for a few minutes. The weatherman is promising a rain storm later next week which I hope comes through. We are parched. As are the mountains. 

We drove up to Yosemite yesterday and were shocked to see all the creeks dry. Trees are dying by the thousands. Even the iconic falls in Yosemite Valley are just small trickles in comparison to their raging waters of years past. 

The dogwoods were blooming which was our main reason to go. I don’t think I can stand going again until this drought has ended. The devastation is heartbreaking. 




6 responses to “Sunny mornings

  1. That sounds pretty frightening, DKZ, I do hope the rains come. I know California is in rough shape too.

  2. It is really heartbreaking to read of the drought. The dogwood blossoms are beautiful. What a joy it must be to see them.

  3. I hope you get some needed rain soon!

  4. That is too bad. I hope the drought ends soon.

  5. Oh no…..Yosemite….. Oh no

  6. Some day the drought will end. Wish I could send you a tropical downpour or two from Hawaii.

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