People who live in dust bowls…

…have to dust their furniture more often.

Due to the lack of rain, less watering, and increased wind, we are living in a dust bowl. I can dust one day and the next day every surface is covered with a fine film of the stuff.

Did I mention that I hate to dust? It is the most despised of all the household tasks around here. Fortunately, Terry runs the vacuum cleaner quite often which helps somewhat with the dust, but when I come into the living room, with the sun blazing in and lighting up the dust specks on the glass top tables, I know it’s time to get the dusting cloths and get to work. That was this morning.

Then there is the patio. It has always been hard to keep clean, but with the winds we’ve been experiencing, I am fighting a winless battle. I will sweep the patio and it will look good for a couple of hours. Then the winds start blowing in the afternoon and the dirt and leaves come sailing back in. There was a reprieve for a few days and I was just beginning to think I could sweep again and it would look good, but no, the winds whipped up overnight and now I have leaves out there again. I’m in no hurry to get the broom out and do that task knowing full well that there is a slight forecast for rain later this week. We may not get the rain, but the wind will blow.

Think I’ll just do a load of laundry before I head off to Good News Club. I feel like I accomplish something when I do laundry. Not so much with that dusting.



13 responses to “People who live in dust bowls…

  1. I have that problem, too! Right across our street is a HUGE empty field. It has been levelled and all dirt. They will eventually have a field there for a local school, but right now it’s just a dust bowl!

    • Thirty five years ago, when we moved into this house, there were lots of orchards around us. As those were cleared to build houses, we had problems with field mice AND dust. Now we have a problem with bugs as well as the dust due to the drought. The bugs are looking for water.

  2. Dusting IS never ending! I’m like you in that I hate to do it and will procrastinate until the sunshine calls attention to the mess.

  3. I notice the dust around here, too, but in a way it is fun to watch it accumulate, if nobody disturbs it. Then one day I get the Dust Buster out and it goes away. 🙂

  4. sounds like the dessert there, so sorry about that.

  5. make that ‘desert’.

  6. Too bad. I feel your pain.

  7. I hate dust too. When we first moved here, we had black dust from the forest fires. That was really upsetting. It actually lasted for about a year.

    Good News Clubs – what a blessing. That is how I came to know Jesus as a child. Are you teaching?

    • This is my second year to teach in a Good News Club. There are four of us and we have the club in a school that is near the church where Terry and I attended for 40 years. The other teachers are still members at that church, but we have gone elsewhere.

      There is also a Good News Club in the school where I am chaplain. I have considered working in that one, but think it might be wise to let others do some of the heavy lifting at that school.

  8. G and I were just discussing this subject. To save our marriage, we hired a housekeeper at a time when we both worked two jobs. She still comes once every two weeks, and tho I see the dust, she moves it.

    • Maybe if we quit giving to charity we could afford a housekeeper, but for now it is just not feasible. Besides, I would clean before the housekeeper came.

  9. It’s been only a couple of days in Seattle, but already my allergies are kicking in full force. It’s dry and windy. I probably would perish if I had to live where you do.

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