We are dinosaurs 

…or at least our television (circa early 90s) and Terry’s car (1991) are. Oh, and much of our furniture. The guest room furniture will be 50 years old next year. The wall unit pictured below (where the TV resides) is over 40 years old. I’ve moved it a couple of times.

Unlike the dinosaurs, though, these items function quite well for us. I was reading a blog where the inhabitants have just installed a 60-inch TV in their living room. We have no wall that would accommodate anything that size.

Terry’s car functions quite well, too. He bought it new, always garaged it and serviced it regularly. We drove it to Yosemite last week and it performed quite well and was very comfortable.

We could fit a new car into our garage, but not into our budget.


8 responses to “We are dinosaurs 

  1. It’s not old, it’s “classic”. 😉

  2. No reason to replace something that is working so well. We have two cars, one a 1997 that is my hubby’s Pride and Joy. 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree, but the little imp inside my eyes would like a nice big screen that I could see easily. Then again, I love my 20 year old truck, soon to be 21. Should I tell you how old my furniture is? LOL Much of it inherited and in the hundreds.

  4. You have a nice home and a nice car that takes you places. Why change anything?

  5. David’s car (100,000+ miles and my old commuting car, 1989 Toyota) is ready for scrap, but he keeps on keeping on. Although he can no longer open the trunk door, and I can always tell where he is because he needs a new muffler, other expenses come first. My car, the new car (2006 Toyota) has less than 20,000 miles and runs like the day I bought it.

    As for TV, I don’t know when we bought our TV, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a new stove.

    • We have replaced things like dishwasher, refrigerator, computers. Those wore out and we needed a new one to keep our daily life going. If the tv dies, then we would replace it, or at least I think we would. We didn’t have a tv in San Francisco but watched our news and programs on Terry’s computer.

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