Sunday after the rain

There was quite the downpour here on Saturday morning. The backyard looked a bit like a pond for awhile with all the rain coming down from sky and downspouts. By afternoon, the sun was shining through the clouds and the water had all disappeared. We got .69 of an inch. Certainly not enough to end the drought, but enough to keep the sprinklers turned off for a few days and to settle the dust.

I actually drove across town yesterday in the pouring rain, something that is rare as of late. Driving in the rain has never been something I enjoy and since I’ve retired, and then with the drought, there has been little need to do so. The Good News Club organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship, was having its annual luncheon, a wrap-up for this current school year. Although this weekend seems to have so many activities crammed into, including the big Clovis Rodeo, the event still pulled in over 200 people. Tuesday will be the last Good News Club session for the year for my group. We will have a pizza party for the kids along with a review of the last six lessons. Many of our loyal attenders will be moving on to other schools next year.

The sun is shining brightly this Sunday morning and the yards still look well watered. I have a since of relief just knowing that the ground is damp. The air is clean, also, which may help with people’s allergies. We have all been sniffling and snuffling what with the dust, pollen, and bugs. Benadryl tablets and cream have been my companions this past week.

Terry and I were up very early as we are attending a six-week new members’ class at our new church. This morning’s class is meeting a bit earlier than usual as we will be combining with another class meeting on the church campus. Our teacher, the senior pastor, will be teaching the other class today as that teacher will be giving the sermon at a sister church in town. Sort of a musical chairs of pastors.



8 responses to “Sunday after the rain

  1. I’m so glad you got some rain! I was going to send some of ours down south but I didn’t need to. You are certainly a busy bee, Delaine, always doing some good somewhere. 🙂

  2. Yay, so glad you had some good rain!

  3. Glad you have been getting some relief. I had to take benadryl myself for a couple of days in Seattle. It was dry and windy for a couple of days. It’s a pleasant now, some drizzle alternating with sunshine.

  4. My son in San Diego says they had rain two nights ago. I recommended he buy a couple of rain barrels. Also, read ‘The Big Thirst’ by Charles Fishman.

  5. I never heard of a church new member’s class, but sounds interesting. What is purpose of class?

    • I thought all churches put new members through an “indoctrination.” Even when Terry and I joined First Baptist 40 years ago, we went to a new members’ class. It gives the church a chance to get to know you and for you to find out exactly what the church believes and what the ministries are and how you would fit.

      We are switching from Baptist to Presbyterian so this class has a couple of lessons on the reformation and Calvinism. I’m finding that quite fascinating.There is one of other couple, about our age, who are attending the class with us. We will be done by Pentecost Sunday at which time there will be an official ceremony.

  6. Sorry about the drive in the rain. New Church. I’m old, obviously. I thought one joined a church then stayed there. I hope you like the new one.

    • We did stay for 40 years but the church changed so drastically we could no longer take it. I wanted a church that was much more organized and gracious rather than a holy roller night club. Sorry, that sounds mean, but that’s how it felt the last two years we were there. Even the children’s Sunday School switched to a bounce house for the classes. I would leave every Sunday cringing.

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