I am not a robot

Those of you who write your blogs with Blogger may be seeing few comments from me. It is just too hard to leave a comment with all of the precautions that have been put in place on those blogs. I almost feel like a criminal when trying to respond to your writing.

First there is a box that says something like, Prove you’re not a robot,” which I have to check. For some blogs, that is the only requisite, but on most others I am then shown a grid of photos and asked to check all of the cakes, or hamburgers, or steak, or sushi…The grid often does not open correctly and I’m unable to finish and check another box that says I’m done so I’m left hanging. If the grid is complete, and I do my assigned check-offs, then a comment pops up that I’ve not selected enough pictures, even though the pictures don’t match what is requested. So, I try again.

By this point I am feeling pretty put out about leaving a comment, and if the captcha box won’t work, I give up and leave. So, you may not see a whole lot of comments from me, and if you do, then know that the comment was submitted after much travail. I AM NOT A ROBOT.


25 responses to “I am not a robot

  1. You know, it’s really annoying. I know many bloggers who have their own website, and what I’d like to say is: Add a wordpress add-on, so that wordpress users can comment on your blog without all those annoying requirements. That simple. Not sure if it could be done for blogger though…

  2. I use WordPress as you know. I also pay extra so that readers won’t be bombarded with ads. Let me know if you see one.

  3. I haven’t seen some of those things, but I totally understand.

    • Christine, your blog put me through hoops this morning to leave a post. It does not like WordPress, which I’m guessing is a problem Blogger has with WordPress.

  4. Wow. Let me know if this happens with my blog, please. I hope it doesn’t. I agree with you that this is so annoying! I have problems with WordPress sometimes because of the password issues.

  5. I just checked my settings – I have a box to check “I am not a robot” but that’s the only task – no word verification! I wish there was more give and take between Blogger and WordPress.

    • If the “I’m not a robot” box is there, then some other verification will pop up immediately after you check that box. I have no idea why Blogger is so particular about comments.

  6. Well said, and the problem is wider than just Blogger. If it takes an act of congress to get through with a comment, on any site, then it isn’t worth the effort, and writers lose out in the end. Another pet peeve of mine is sites that only allow responses or comments by using FaceBook. I’m not on FB, have no intentions of ever being on FB, and where the arrogance comes from in demanding responses on FB is beyond me. I’m not a robot, and I’m definitely not a FaceBooker.

    Great post

    • Thanks, it’s just gotten so bad in the last week or so that I was compelled to rant and rave on my blog. Are there really that many spammers out there? And if so, why can’t Blogger catch them like WordPress does. I have a whole ‘nother file that those spams get sent to which I never even open. Can’t Blogger do likewise?

  7. I’ve seen those “I am not a robot” things occasionally, but I’ve just ignored them and the comments still go up. How strange.

    • They do not allow me to ignore. If I don’t jump through the hoops to the right specifications, then my comment will not post. Therefore, lots of blogs do not get any comments from me.

  8. Part of the reason I use Blogger instead of WordPress is ease of use. But I’m really sorry for those of you who need to do more than just hit the “robot” box. Can you simply do that on mine? I will try to fix it otherwise. 🙂

    • The robot button opens another box with pictures one is to match, and no, the comment will NOT post unless one jumps through the hoops. I would not be complaining so bitterly if it did otherwise. I do not understand this need to for such gatekeeping. One would think the blogger world is filled with terrorists. Or at least Blogger seems to think so.

  9. I wondered where you went. I miss you. I do have a mirror blog, but I don’t believe you can access it. For a while I was getting 100 to 200 spam a day. Sometimes more. Google instituted the Robot thing to discourage spam, and this has worked wonderfully. I still miss your notes.

  10. I agree, I hate to comment on BlogSpot blogs because they force me to prove I am not a robot. Irritating.

    • Yeah, why is Blogger the only one that makes it so hard? I find it hard to understand, too, why so many are on Blogger. It does not appear to be a user-friendly system. I’ve always been on WordPress, from Day 1, and it is just such an easy way to blog.

  11. Have you tried leaving a note without jumping through all the hoops? I am so sorry. I thank you so much for the note, and I have to say there was this rush of joy when I saw your note yesterday.

  12. I believe you can leave a note without pressing all the buttons. I’ll try it from m y word press account.

  13. I have TypePad. I just use moderation, because their capcha feature is hideous looking and hard to use. I hope commenters don’t mind. It seems the best way to go.
    If I were not so lazy I could probably figure out a way for trusted commenters to post without moderation. Might do that some time…

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