A shift in the food chain

My world shifted a bit on Saturday when I received a letter from our community supported agriculture (CSA) farm. For over eight years we have picked up a weekly box of produce at different nearby locations from the same farm, a box filled with all kinds of locally organically grown fruits and vegetables. I have often written about these boxes here on my blog. As of May19, the farm with which we have always done business is quitting the CSA part.

I had just been saying to Terry that I wondered how long the company would exist as the farmers are getting up in years (older than Terry and me); their kids are grown and have no desire to farm; water is getting harder to come by; labor costs are rising. The margin for the CSA enterprise has to be pretty narrow. Sure enough, the letter arrives on Saturday telling us that they have sold the CSA side of the farm to another organization, an organization that will get the produce from a variety of sources including themselves.

In theory this all sounds fine, but I wonder if the new group will have what it takes to keep a CSA running for a long period of time like the former owners. Will they be in it for the long run or if it’s a whim that will burn them out in a year or so. Weekly food box deliveries takes stamina. Dealing with customers takes grit. All of the details takes a certain mindset and one that is willing to do it 50 weeks out of the year. The previous farm took two weeks off at Christmas/New Years. That takes dedication. Does the younger generation have that?

The new tilt of my world will take some getting used to. For one thing, I have to change over the payment information with my bank as I pay my account monthly and have the bank make an electronic payment. Secondly, I will set up an email account with the new CSA so that I can communicate extra orders and vacation holds. Thirdly, I will wait to see what the quality and quantity of service and produce are like. Dear Reader, you’ve probably not heard the last of this shift.


6 responses to “A shift in the food chain

  1. Sad times. The shift in climate is upsetting many an apple cart.

  2. I hate the administration side of things, bank changes, you know. Although these days it may just be a simple online change. Sorry to hear this news. It is so hard to break a satisfying routine.

  3. Too bad this happened. We buy most of our groceries from Target, which is convenient for us.

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