If we’re going to eat…

…someone has to go grocery shopping. In this household that is pretty much my job. Get the food, unload the food, cook the food. Terry does the cleanup. But first, let’s talk about ‘getting’ the food.

Thinking about this all came about due to that last post about my CSA box and the changes being made there. We pretty much eat only organic produce and the CSA box is the best source for that. Whole Foods is the next best place, and I go to our local Whole Foods about once a week. Sometimes twice. During the summer months I will hit up the farmer’s markets and some local growers. Last week The Ladies Who Lunch took a short trip south to a blueberry farm. I bought a crate of blueberries, most of which went into the freezer.

My favorite farmer’s market is in downtown Fresno on Wednesday mornings. Right now, until June, I am busy on Wednesday mornings with Bible study and school chaplain duties. I’m hoping that the apricot grower will still have some fruit by the time I get there next month. But I digress. Back to grocery shopping.

After Whole Foods, Target is a great place to get staples, but not produce as theirs is not locally grown. I like Target for the staples because I can use my Red Card and there are often special deals on Cart Wheel so I save quite a bit of money, especially on Terry’s cereals.

A close second to Whole Foods for the organic stuff, and also for supplements, is Sprouts. I have to drive a bit further, but Sprouts carries some products that Whole Foods does not, and often the prices are lower.

Last but not least is a locally owned grocer, Save Mart. This chain has stores all over Fresno, each one a bit different, but they offer some things that I cannot get at the other places. Like individual rolls of Viva paper towels. And Guerrero brand tortillas. Baker’s sugar in a box. Large boxes of Bisquick. Frozen bread dough. Cheap cabernet sauvignon wine. Odds and ends which I don’t buy all that often.

Tonight for dinner we are having beef and noodles with a side dish of almond green beans. The noodles and red wine came from Save Mart. The beef came from Whole Foods as did the almonds and butter. The green beans came in the CSA box. Terry may have ice cream for dessert that I bought on sale at Target.

So, there you have it. Dinner is served.


7 responses to “If we’re going to eat…

  1. I am very fortunate to have a Community Food Co-op nearby that has plenty of organic food, and I make a real effort to make sure I avoid GMO products, too. I learned that if it is organic, it cannot be GMO, so that helps. 🙂

  2. We have a wonderful farmer’s market here in Chico, so we’re lucky to have lots of organic produce and meat and eggs available. We don’thave Whole Foods but we have Trader Joe’s. I can get a few things there, but it’s mostly a snack store for me. I think the small packages are a little expensive.

    • I don’t know what I would do without Whole Foods. The bulk of our food comes from that store. Long ago I shopped at Trader Joes, but the ones here in Fresno are always so crowded so I avoid them.

  3. Sounds like a good meal.

  4. What an interesting post. Like you, we buy foodstuffs all over the city. We are going out tonight to a local restaurant we love. Tacos and slaw for our 32nd anniversary.

  5. We get our produce at the farmers’ market, our organics at locally owned health food stores and the rest at a locally owned supermarket and a warehouse type store affiliated with Costco. More and more I see people food shopping at Wal-Mart and really watching their pennies on groceries. I don’t see any signs of”recovery” here,just more and more expensive goods and services.

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