Lazy lazy lazy

Maybe it’s because the end of the school year is near. Graduations have been occurring every weekend, making it obvious that the school year is over and summer is coming. You can sense the pace is changing. People are leaving on summer holiday. Maybe that’s the reason I’m using to be so lazy. There wasn’t a whole lot happening this weekend. No place, except church, that we had to be.

I ran errands on Friday. Did laundry. Orange-oiled the kitchen cabinets and the bedroom furniture. Terry vacuumed. Trimmed the hedges. Maybe that’s why we felt that Saturday and Sunday could be so relaxed.

We watched television. We read. After church on Sunday I even took a nap. Then I read some more. It was a lovely weekend. Hope I can shift from lazy to ambitious as the next week has commitments for which I must make ready.


6 responses to “Lazy lazy lazy

  1. You certainly enjoy your relaxation time, Delaine. You are a very hard worker, but you know what they say about all work and no play. 🙂

  2. I bet your kitchen smelled lovely after the orange oil application. You can come do mine next.

  3. Take each day as it comes. Enjoy the moment.

  4. ahh welcome summer!

  5. Sometimes it’s nice just to take it easy for a change.

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