The stars don’t always align

My goal for Tuesday was to get Leeya’s sixth year birthday picture book completed and ready for submission. To channel all of my yearbook layout skills, I wore my 2009 yearbook staff t-shirt.

Tuesday was the best day to do this work as Terry would be gone all day so I wouldn’t have to share bandwidth with him. Our Internet connection is pretty slow and will often drop so I need to align all the stars to get the best results. I had collected in a file on my computer all of the photos I wanted to use to tell the story for the past year. Shutterfly had sent me a discount code for the book. One would think it would be “all systems a ‘go’.”

It didn’t “go” that way, as you probably guessed. I worked for a couple of hours on the page layouts, the whole time keeping an eye on the upload of the 50 or so photos. As the photo meter counted down, I was pleased with the success of the upload. However, that glow of success ended around 11 o’clock when I realized it had been about a half hour for the one remaining photo to upload. I couldn’t save the file or order the book as long as that one photo was still attempting to upload.

Shutterfly offers an online help line so I put in my pleas for assistance as to how to get the file saved since I had the whole 22 pages laid out and photos captioned. There was a queue and I was number 11 with a wait time of 10 minutes. I again watched a countdown until I was up to submit my problem. The customer service rep found that one photo was hung up in the system. She suggested a way to copy the code for the book and send it to her in a Word document. However, when I did what she asked, it was determined that I was using a “simple path” book and her ‘fix’ would not work for me. I would have to shut down, losing all of my work. My head hurt. Noon was upon me. Terry would be home soon. Okay. I shut down and walked away for a moment.

Then I came back thinking I would just upload the photos and work on the actual book another day. The customer service rep had suggested that method so as to have the photos all on Shutterfly’s server before starting to work on the layout. When I logged back in, there were all my photos, except that one that got hung up in the system. With one click all of the photos flowed into a layout, not the layout I had designed, but a good one none the less. I had to type in the captions, but I knew what I wanted to say, having done it all earlier. After I proofread and changed around a few photos, I could click ‘ship.’

Leeya will have her Book 6 by June 1.


9 responses to “The stars don’t always align

  1. How wonderful. I am glad it all worked out for you.

  2. Leeya will be so happy. Thank goodness it turned out well. Art will be sending the pages I just finished to Costco for printing soon. I hope it works out well for him too. Thank you for persevering with the comments, Delaine.

  3. I love Shutterfly, so glad it all worked out!

    • I cannot say I ‘love’ Shutterfly. For years I used Josten’s software for these grandchildren books, but they eventually shut down the consumer side of the business. Then I used Apple, which was very easy to use, but the quality was not as good as Josten’s. My daughter had used Shutterfly, so I gave them a try. THis is my second book with them. I’m not overly impressed.

  4. I’ve never used Shutterfly. My sister used Blog2Print for a book with my late brother-in-law’s posts in it. Turned out great, but this is something I should be learning about, I think. 🙂

    • Since you take so many photos, DJan, you might want to have some printed into books. There are other companies besides Shutterfly. If you are a Costco member, they too have the service. Kay likes to use that service, but I’m not going to become a Costco member just to try it.

  5. I’ve edited several newsletters over time, and love working with layout software. Sounds as if your conditions were not much fun. Ah well, if at first you don’t fricassee, fry fry a hen.

  6. Shutterfly can do that to you. Congratulations on carrying through and getting the job done!

  7. Congratulations! I think I might have given up. I’ve not used Shutterfly to make a book, but my daughter has. She made me a lovely book. I know she put a lot of work into it.

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