Maybe summer is coming

Shutterfly emailed me that Leeya’s book has been shipped.

Today, Pentecost Sunday, Terry and I became Presbyterians after a lifetime of being Baptists.

Yesterday I made miniature peach & raspberry pies with fresh fruit.

This is my last week at Columbia for the school year. I found some veggie stickers to adhere to the certificates I have for each first grader. This will help them to remember how I bugged them to eat their veggies.

Although cloudy on Friday, the rest of the weekend has been sunny and warmer. Perhaps the storms are done for awhile. Yosemite was still getting snow at the end of the week. It certainly has been a strange May what with so much rain. We are now only five inches below the normal 11 inches of rainfall for the season. I know; some places got 11 inches in one day this past week. Weather is strange all over the country.

School will be out. The temperatures are rising. Maybe summer really will begin with Memorial Day.


6 responses to “Maybe summer is coming

  1. Pentecost is an AWESOME day to begin a new life in a new church! Our May has been rainier than normal, too.

  2. Happy Memorial Day!

  3. This looks really yummy! I just sent our Seattle, Canada photobook out to Costco too. We’re looking forward to seeing it. Have a great Memorial Day, Delaine.

  4. I”m so glad you are getting the rain you needed. Congratulations on your new affiliation, and I think any young people who you worked with are not likely to forget you any time soon. You’re the best, Delaine. 🙂

  5. Our May has been hot and cold wen compared to normal, whatever that is. My Peonies lasted one day, but they have never done well here. Well mostly never, they like Wisconsin weather.

  6. This looks delicious!

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