The last week of May

The holiday on Monday (Memorial Day) made this a shorter week for those who work in the “real world.” Even though I stayed home both Monday and Tuesday and prepared for the week , the rest of the week was jam-packed.

I finished up this year’s chaplaincy assignment by handing out certificates to 100 first graders on Wednesday and Thursday. We cheered for one another, took pictures, and thanked the teachers for letting me come in and take up their class time. I was surprised by each class with lovely gifts and even more wonderful notes. So many of the first graders commented about how they appreciated that I had lunch with them. That seemed to mean more to them than I ever imagined.

The school chaplains meet once a month, at a 7 a.m. breakfast, to get the next month’s books and review the previous month’s experience. This was the ninth meeting on Thursday and the last for the school year so we did not get new books but rather turned in everything that we had collected during the year, including the evaluations from the schools. There were new chaplains in attendance who will be starting at schools in the fall. The program has grown so much that we will have to find a new place to meet in the fall as we no longer fit in the restaurant where we have been meeting.

After wrapping up the school year at Columbia I then did the last school tour at Kearney Mansion on Friday. This year saw fewer tours than in the past. The museum director attributed it to the cost of busses and the change in the third grade curriculum due to Common Core. In the past, third graders in California learned about community and how communities are formed which fit in with what M. Theodore Kearney did with developing agriculture in the Fresno area and creating a raisin industry.

On Saturday Terry and I will attend one more school chaplaincy event, a barbecue at a local park. This will bring together all of the Fresno police chaplains–patrol, school, and run-aways. We’ll chat, eat hamburgers, take pictures. Then Terry and I will come home and make preparations to be with our grandchildren the next week. Our kids are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary so we will stay with the grandkids. That’s what grandparents do.

Another busy week on the horizon.


5 responses to “The last week of May

  1. I don’t remember ever having a grownup eat lunch with me when I was in elementary school. It is a nice thing you’re doing, Delaine. And I enjoy reading about it. 🙂

  2. You are such a busy person Delaine!

    • This past week was a bit too much for me! When we get home after caring for the grandkids, I plan to stay home and enjoy my backyard for awhile. The summer heat is coming and that means more days spent indoors, with the air conditioner running, so I better enjoy the cool mornings while I can. July is going to be so busy that it will make my head swim!

  3. A bit sad when something so rewarding ends. Have a good time with the grandkids.

  4. It’s nice to be busy, but also nice to relax.

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