Picnic in the park

The Fresno Police Chaplaincy had a picnic for all of the chaplains on Saturday. It would give us a chance to be together, which is rare since we are all doing different types of work. The patrol chaplains ride with the officers and are called on to make death calls and other work that makes me shudder. The school resource chaplains, of which I am part, work in the schools with first graders. The run-away chaplains work with the families and teachers of the run-aways as well as with the kids themselves.

Here we are all together, in front of the chaplain RV that can roll out to any police emergency and be available for anyone needing help at the scene.


Here are most of the school resource chaplains. Four are missing.


This is MaryLou and me. She is my hero. She is 82 and just finished her third year as school chaplain and plans to be return in the fall. She has lots of life in her and I observed her one day last fall as she worked in her school, on the opposite side of town from where my school is located but still in a rough, tough neighborhood. She is indeed a prayer warrior.


After the photo session we had a wonderful barbecue lunch with tri tip and pilaf. Although the temperature went to 99 degrees on Saturday, we had an enjoyable time at the park under plenty of cool shade trees. We just all like to talk with one another and catch up on one another’s life. This was a good chance to do that.


11 responses to “Picnic in the park

  1. Lovely gathering, a great cause!

  2. Wow she looks fantastic at 82.

  3. When I saw the photo, I thought it was a group of law enforcement officers on holiday. Your shirts make you look official!

    • Yes, we look very official. Most days that I am at columbia, a child will ask if I’m a police officer. I have to explain that I come from the police department but that I am the school chaplain.

      It’s a good thing to have on campus b/c people feel that there is a connection to the police so they need to behave. I always chat with people on campus.

  4. So many in that first photo that I thought I might not find you. THEN I spotted that lovely red hair.

  5. There you are. You blaze like a candle in the dark. Wonderful. 🙂

  6. I am digging your hair! LOVE!!!!

  7. That 82 year old woman looks amazing.
    You both have the same hair cut too. I love it.

  8. You certainly have a lovely smile that shines through, Delaine.

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