Care and feeding of grandchildren

We are back home after spending three days with our grandchildren while their parents took a short anniversary trip to northern California. I’m always happy to turn the responsibility for those small lives back to the parents and breath a sigh of relief. We have lots of fun, and I’m glad we get to spend time with the grandchildren, but, boy, do I get tired.

We arrived just after church had let out on Sunday. Jen and Chad still had lots of tasks to complete before they could leave so we walked Leeya and Judah home. Fortunately, Jen’s place of employment, the church, is only a half block from their home. I cannot tell you what I found for them to eat as they were excited to see us and tell us about things they have been doing and to show us things like pictures they had made for us and new books they had received.

Jen and Chad finally made it home, gave us last minute instructions, packed their bags and made their get-away to a cabin tucked into the coastal redwoods, three hours north. Dinner and bedtime preparations were another blur since I hadn’t given myself enough time to get everything done and have the kids in bed by 8 o’clock. It was more like 9.

The main reason we were staying at the kids’ house was because Leeya is still in school and would have to be taken and picked up for the next two days while her parents got away with time to hike to waterfalls and actually finish conversations without being interrupted. It’s hard being parents to two small children who have so much to discuss. So, we got up early Monday morning and made ready to drive Leeya to school, getting her there with plenty of time to spare. Afterwards we went grocery shopping to buy foods the kids like and that I can easily prepare. Like frozen waffles for breakfast the next morning!

Judah and Leeya needed new shoes so after picking her up around 1 p.m. from school, we drove a few blocks to one of my favorite shopping centers, Hillsdale Mall where there is a very nice Nordstrom’s store. I usually buy the kids’ shoes there as they have a good selection and good service. Not so much this time. The shoe salesman hardly knew what he was doing. He seemed pained to have to measure their feet. I think he would have let us leave without even trying on shoes as there were no purple shoes in stock and that was what Leeya wanted.

She did like a sparkly tennis shoe that had Cinderella on it so I convinced the shoe salesman to get that shoe to try on her. He brought out a couple of shoes for Judah and Terry tried those on him and helped him select the right one. Again, the salesman was useless. Judah was very happy to have Grampa wait on him.

We had lunch at the cafe in the store after the shoes were purchased. The kids ate almost every bite of their meals–cheese paninis, tomato soup, and fruit salad. On Tuesday, after school,  we took them a local ice cream parlor that is famous for its cannoli. Terry had the cannoli but Leeya and Judah had huge scoops of ice cream on cones, eating every last bite. Ice cream is their favorite food.

Jennifer had told us they would be late coming home on Tuesday so we made plans to stay overnight and come home on Wednesday. That worked well because we were able to spend time hearing about their getaway and catching up on some other news. There just never seems to be enough time to sit and talk with our kids. Life is hectic.

I also had to fill Jennifer in on Leeya’s homework and what still needed to be completed for the week. Leeya is not fond of doing homework that involves writing. She zipped through the math problems, but dragged out the writing assignment over two nights. She still needed to write a book report by Thursday morning when the packet was due. I haven’t heard from Jen if the task was completed. It seems a lot for kindergarten.

Terry and I are getting caught up on tasks we’ve put off around here. Since I am done with Good News Club and chaplaincy until September I have lots of time at home. We will be gone quite a bit in July, but until then, I have few obligations beyond my front door which is okay by me.


5 responses to “Care and feeding of grandchildren

  1. My grandkids keep us busy, too, when they arrive here for babysitting.

  2. what a full life, even when there should be plenty of time! Sounds pretty perfect to me, though. 🙂

  3. We’ll be doing the same thing some time soon. It is a nice feeling to return the responsibility to the parents though. I know just what you mean. You have such a busy life!

  4. I admire that you take care of your grandkids. I hope that if I’m blessed with them,I will be as good. It is most important that the kids have a good relationship with their grandparents and it would seem you are headed in that direction.

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