Fly away to the museum 

My husband loves all things aviation. Although never a pilot, he has been around planes most of his life. He spent 21 years in the Air National Guard. Airports hold a special fascination for him.

While seeking ways to entertain small grandchildren I learned of an aviation museum near their house, at the San Carlos airport. The museum was started by Hiller Aviation, a manufacturer of helicopters. Terry and the grandchildren like it well enough that I buy a family membership each year.

While Leeya was in school last week we took Judah to Hiller to see what was new as well as check out the various simulators. Terry could spend all day there, and Judah is following suit. They got so involved with this simulator that we were almost late to pick up Leeya.   

Then there was the helicopter simulator where Judah kept crashing into downtown San Francisco until Terry took the controls.  

Judah also likes to pretend to be a Blue Angels pilot.   

Pilot and co-pilot made it back to school in time to get Leeya so they could go have ice cream.   


6 responses to “Fly away to the museum 

  1. There’s a Pacific Aviation Museum here in Honolulu that’s lots of fun to visit.

  2. Planes are for children, big and small. Your hubby would love the National Aviation museums here in the Washington D.C. area.

  3. These are precious times!

  4. Awww… This is just so sweet! Quality time!

  5. What a darling little boy.

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