Pickling obsession 

In previous summers I made jam and jelly. I still have some of those jars of fruit preserves so haven’t felt compelled to make more. Instead I’ve turned to pickle making. 

There have been cucumbers in our last two CSA boxes. One box had a bunch of dill. I made a batch of sweet pickles, which I love, and then two batches of dill pickles, which Terry prefers. 


While we were staying at our daughter’s house last week I found a bounty of cucumbers she had been given by a church member. I made pickles with those, too. Our son-in-law likes pickles. 

After we came home I found a recipe for pickled strawberries so I tried those. 

We have eaten the strawberries with Three Twins milk and honey ice cream and Whole Foods dessert cups. 


The combination is delicious. 

This pickling thing is becoming an obsession.  


10 responses to “Pickling obsession 

  1. Somehow, pickled strawberries sounds kind of gross to me. But, I have never tried it so it could be good! Trying to keep an open mind lol

  2. I never HEARD of pickled strawberries. I wonder where I might find some to try. But dill pickles? I love ’em. 🙂

    • I think I found the recipe on a Pinterest board. Not too sure, but it was such a pretty picture I decided to try the recipe. The berries are only good for a couple of days, unlike pickled cukes that can last for weeks in the fridge.

  3. I have never heard of pickled strawberries, interesting!

  4. I loved watermelon pickles. I wonder if I would like strawberry pickles. I no longer have any of my canning equipment or jars. I don’t see pickles being made in my future. I love homemade bread and butter pickles.

  5. I LOVE pickles, especially bread and butter pickles. Pickled strawberries sound a bit strange, but hey… I’m willing to try anything. You are such a fabulous cook!

  6. I never ever thought of pickling strawberries. Well done! I’d love to try 🙂

  7. Even when you are busy, you are busy. My pickling days are behind me I fear.

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