There is watermelon in the house

Remember my blathering about melons the other day?  I got some cantaloupes which made me happy and should have made me content for awhile, but no, I start dithering about watermelon. 

Fresno State’s farm store posted on Facebook that their watermelon crop had been harvested so I got up very early this morning and drove across town to see what they had. HUGE melons for $4.49. I could hardly believe how big they were. It was a job for me to wrestle this one into my car and then into my kitchen. Next time I need to have Terry go with me. 


It filled a big bowl when I got it seeded and cut up. 

As I seeded it, I let the scraps fall into another bowl and then I processed those in my Breville juicer. Made for some wonderful aqua fresca. 


I’m hoping there will be more great melons like this and those cantaloupes. Summer is my favorite season. The produce is one reason. 


11 responses to “There is watermelon in the house

  1. .I love watermelon and yours looks sooo good!

  2. It is a really good, sweet melon. It isn’t organic, though.

  3. Now that is one HUGE watermelon. And you got that for less than $5? I’m really envious.

  4. That IS a huge watermelon!

    Because my standards are lower than yours I bought one at Aldi several weeks ago. I cut it into small pieces and put into the freezer for a nighttime treat. Over the weekend I finished that one off and got a second.

  5. I think those large elongated watermelons taste sweeter than the small round ones that Cosco sells.

  6. I long for a real watermelon. We used to get good ones from Maui,but I haven’t seen them for years. All I see for sale are those little round mushy seedless ones.

  7. Holy Smokes! That’s one big watermelon. I’m impressed you managed it all by yourself.

    • Me, too, Shirley, me too. I must have looked pretty funny wrestling it into the car. My previous station wagon had this neat cargo net in the back that was perfect for such large items like this. My Subaru does not so I had to finagle it into a corner to keep it from rolling all over the back while I drove back home.

  8. I’d have it eaten before it became juice. I am mad about watermelon.

  9. This looks wonderful. For a while there we were inundated with sugar kiss melons, watermelons, pineapples, mangoes, lychee. Now we’ve got mountain apples. Summer is great, but sometimes too abundant. Thank goodness we can just share them with neighbors.

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