The monster(s) on the patio

My grandchildren have a favorite book app on my iPhone, The Monster at the End of this Book. It’s interactive with the muppet Grover as the narrator. He is very scared and does his best to keep you from getting to the end of the book where there is a monster. 


As you can guess, Grover IS the monster. The kids laugh uproariously every time they play with it. 
Turns out, there is an actual BOOK behind the app. I received 2 copies this past week in a box of books I ordered to hand out to first graders. 

Yesterday I bought pillows,for the patio chairs, at The  Salvation Army Store with the hope that the cats might start sleeping on their own patio rather than at the next door neighbor’s patio. The neighbor has nice cushioned furniture and I did not; so thinking that was the cause for the cat’s trespassing, I got two cushions for $3. 

In the evening I noticed one of the cats stealthily sneaking across the patio floor, as if to attack a monster. I thought she might be after a bird or rodent or bug. She seemed quite afraid, though.  Not her usual brave, gutsy self. 

After watching her for awhile, I realized her “monster” was this:


The pillows on the chairs. Very scary monsters, indeed. 


6 responses to “The monster(s) on the patio

  1. Sounds like your grandkids had a good time. It’s been a while since I owned a pet.

  2. interesting that the pattern bothers her.

    • I think it’s something new being there and perhaps the smell. I sat on them for awhile, trying to put my scent on them. The mother cat was lying on one of the chairs earlier today.

  3. Oh, that’s funny! 🙂

  4. Too funny! I remember that book so well. In fact, it’s still sitting on my shelf. My kids loved that book, not to mention my students.

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