My hot weather fashion 

This is how I’m dressing around the house on these warm days. Fortunately, I have 3 dresses like this one. Unfortunately, this one has bleach stains from one of my counter cleaning episodes. 



8 responses to “My hot weather fashion 

  1. you look so comfy!

  2. Looks very cool and relaxed. I don’t even own a dress! 🙂

    • Most of my wardrobe for summer is made up of skirts. I probably have 15 skirts in my closet. Came in really handy last year when I had to wear that walking boot. I don’t wear this shift, or the other two, out of the house, though.

  3. That does look very comfy, Delaine. I live in tank tops over the spring and summer in Hawaii.

  4. You look cool and relaxed. Lovely dress.

    • Thanks, Gigi. It’s black and white fabric so thought the b/w picture would be cooler looking. I’ve owned this, and the other two dresses, for 14 years. I was helping a friend shop for a swimsuit when I saw these comfy looking shifts so bought 3 at one time. Being on a stricter budget now, I would probably only buy one.

  5. Comfort is everything. Dress for the occasion. Still chuckling over the bleach stains. That sounds like some thing I would do. Did you get the counter clean?

    • I use a beach gel on the grout. It works wonders. My neighbor was here one day and wanted to know why my tile looked so good. I showed her the product I use. Her tile now looks great too. I clean my tile about 4 times a year with the bleach product.

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