What else can you expect? It is 4th of July week

And hot as a firecracker! Well, today will be. The past few days have stayed below 100 but today the forecast calls for 106 as there will be plenty of sunshine. We’ve had a monsoonal cloud cover that has kept us cooler, Thank God. On Friday of last week our air conditioner decided it was tired and wasn’t going to work as hard as it had been. We usually keep the thermostat set at 80 in the summer (70 in the winter), but the compressor decided we would have to be happy (!) with 84 to 88.

Terry didn’t realize how poorly the unit was functioning until late Friday afternoon and the heating/cooling place had closed for the weekend. When he called them on Monday, the best they could do for him was an appointment two weeks out. Well, that’s just ridiculous. And this is the company that installed the unit. Fortunately, he found another reputable company that can come out tomorrow. I am hopeful that it will be a part that can be replaced easily and quickly and that we won’t have to replace the whole unit. That would be about a $5000 job.

Because it has been so hot, and we are in a drought, I’ve noticed the wildlife looking for water, too. I’ve been leaving a bowl of water at the base of the tree where the squirrels and birds come to feed. Even the cats stop and get a drink from it rather than making their way up to the patio to their own water dish. Every morning I have to dump the cat’s water as the bugs have drowned their sorrows in it the night before.

One of the blue jays has been coming on the patio to eat the dry cat food so I put a bowl of crunchies on the greenhouse pad so it doesn’t have to come as far and chance getting caught by a cat. One very early morning I saw a raccoon making its way along the greenhouse wall after eating and drinking in the yard. Just think of me as the shortstop cafe for wildlife!


4 responses to “What else can you expect? It is 4th of July week

  1. We have 90 F temperatures here in Hawaii, setting all kinds of records. We cope with air conditioning throughout the house. Hope yours get fixed in a jiffy.

  2. I’m sending cool thoughts your way. Good luck!

  3. I love that you’ve created, what basically is, a Domestic and Wildlife Habitat. Bless you for it.

  4. It’s been stifling hot here in Hawaii. I am NOT liking the humidity! Art does not like the air conditioner, but I think I’m going to have to insist on it tomorrow.

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