Finally fixed

We noticed the warm air last Friday. The air conditioner, along with the hot temperatures, was not making life comfortable here. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice it soon enough to call before the repair service closed on Friday. So, we suffered through the weekend. We have five fans but one of those gave up the ghost due to continual use. The fans and lots of ice got us through.

Terry was able to find a company that could make the service call this week rather than waiting for two weeks (!) which was what the original installer could offer. The service technician showed up on Wednesday afternoon only to find that the unit was frozen over and would have to thaw before he could determine the problem. He went away to another job and came back about 4 p.m. Fortunately, there was a cloud cover which helped keep temperatures a big lower (102 instead of 106).

The technician worked very hard, even going into our attic and checking all of the ductwork. He cleaned and serviced the unit and the air was a bit cooler coming out of the vents. However, after he left, the cooling didn’t go any further. The temperature held at 86 degrees. By now it was long after 5 p.m.

Terry called again Thursday morning and was told a technician would be out in the afternoon. Sure enough, at 1:30 another fellow rolled in. He worked for 2 hours, even turning on the heater to melt the ice cover. Made me think of a soap opera that I watch where the villain attempted to kill his nemesis by turning up the furnace to “cook” them in a small closet. Life imitating art here.

This time it seems to have worked. The thermostat is now down to 80 degrees which is where we normally keep it during the summer months. I am very grateful for cool air. It was again uncomfortable here today with 60% humidity and  official high of 98 degrees. More high clouds with another promise of thunderstorms tonight. Wednesday night the San Joaquin Valley had over 500 lightening strikes.

It has been so hot in this house, with more heat building up each day, that now it feels almost chilly. But I’m not complaining. As I said earlier, I am grateful that the air conditioner is fixed.


8 responses to “Finally fixed

  1. I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I must admit tho that 80 doesn’t seem cool to me. We are only at 89 degrees here and a 100% humidity. We are hating the weather but not turning on our AC yet.

  2. We have a lot of heat and humidity here, too, but rarely over 90 F. During the summer, we keep the air conditioners on most of the time.

    • Yes, during the summer, our AC runs all the time. We keep the thermostat at 80 in the daytime and 84 at night. Most nights, except for severe heat waves, the AC doesn’t come on. We also have 5 fans running throughout the house.

  3. We are having that same weather in Idaho! No A/C at our house and it was 94 deg in my bedroom when I went to bed UGH! I’m glad you got your air fixed. I do like summer, but the intense heat makes me a slug! I just want to sit and sit some more.

    • I finally slept well last night. I have no idea how you can handle 94 degrees and even attempt to sleep. It did get to 89 in the house and I had trouble. The heat makes it hard to think much less do anything.

  4. Gosh, I thought we had it bad, going to bed in 83-degree heat. I managed to sleep a little but it sure will be nice to once again have our normal temperatures back. Glad to hear you got your A/C fixed! 🙂

  5. I’m glad your air conditioner is fixed, too. We’ve been having cooler than normal temperatures for the past week, which let us turn off the air and open the windows. Don’t know how long the nice weather will last, but I’m thankful.

  6. yay! We need our air conditioners in the summer!

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