We have liftoff

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching all those Astronauts Wives Club episodes…perhaps a better title for this would be “We have installation.”

I spent an interesting morning at the Apple Store. It was very easy to plug into their desk, connect to their wifi, and download Yosemite, the current operating system for my MacBook Pro. Took about 20 minutes for the download due to the fast speed of Apple’s wifi. It would have taken a week at home using our slow AT&T DSL.

Having arrived just as the store was opening, on a Tuesday, mind you, I thought it would be less crowded than any other time or day. Hah! I’m sure it was less busy, but it was still bustling. There were probably 50 or so of us waiting for the Apple staff to open their doors at 10. A few had Genius Bar appointments, a few more were there for a class, a couple had One to One training. The rest of us were a free-for-all. It was all quite orderly, though, as the concierge met each one and put them in the system. I was shown to a table to work, out of the way of the crowd, and right next to the first class of the morning.

Although the instructor looked to be about 15 years old, the class participants were all over 50. They were there for a basic Mac class, and none of them had their Macs for more than a few weeks. I’m glad to see people who are still learning new things, no matter their age.

After the software downloaded to my Mac, then I sat there while it installed. That took another two hours of waiting. The people came and went. I chatted with a few who sat near me. No one seemed to be relaxed. Having technology problems makes one tense. I was doing fine up until I realized the installation process seemed to be STUCK. It was now 12:30. I was thirsty, hungry, and needed to use the bathroom. Another beginner’s class had begun. This one with an older woman as the instructor for a class that literally taught how to turn on and off an iPhone or iPad. Her students were all way over 50. The information was so mundane that I was getting more and more antsy. It was time to head home.

My screen just stayed stuck, even after I got home, so I finally used the one true method of fixing a computer–turned it off and let it rest. When I restarted the machine later in the afternoon, the system opened up everything in the new Yosemite operating system. My Adobe applications were still there. Everything seemed to work just fine. I am having to get used to some new screen appearances, but it’s okay. Just like all those students at the Apple Store, I am still learning. Oh, and in October El Capitan is coming out. I will scale that granite face when the time comes.



9 responses to “We have liftoff

  1. I had installed Yosemite on my old MacBook Air and then when I got a new one, it came already installed. I am NOT looking forward to learning a new one again so soon. But then again, I do know how to turn my devices on. 🙂

    • Upgrading one step up isn’t so bad. I had let this upgrade slide for a long time. I still had Lion 10.7 so I was 3 upgrades behind. I plan to be better about the upgrades from here on out.

  2. Great that you are up and running! I hate these things.

  3. I see my MacBook has an update for Yosemite that keeps popping up. I keep delaying it. I’ve been to the Apple store. It is always packed. Fascinates me.

  4. Catching up with you again, I love your musings and life lifts. 24 hour rule is good, must adopt that one. Also negative Nellies can suck the energy right out of you I’ve metaphorically kicked them to the curb, won’t pick up the phone even. Too exhausting at my age, even when it’s horrible tragedies 25 years ago that still haunt them, I can only listen 20 times and then I’m done. Maybe I’m unkind? I do recommend professional help but they don’t want.

  5. Mac is strange. My cousin practically lives at the Mac store. Her latest Mac died after two years. I had three of them die on me so switched over to PCs,which seem to last longer in this humidity. My computer dude is right next door in his home office next to my home office. TALK about handy!

  6. I’m very impressed with Apple. Its such a pleasant experience to have liftoff after sitting stalled out on a launchpad.

  7. We’ve had our MacBook Air for a few months and still can’t quite get used to it since we’re PC people. A class would sure help us.

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