Mid-summer morning at my house 


Saturday is one of our two days to water so I’m up early to run the sprinklers. This is the mulberry tree that Terry pruned in January. You can see that it is providing wonderful shade for the front of the house that gets early morning sun. 

   This is the view from the living room. 
I’m also cleaning the patio and working in the backyard. 


 The grandchildren are coming to stay with us.   


10 responses to “Mid-summer morning at my house 

  1. Despite the drought, your yard looks very nice.

    • We are allowed to water 2x a week and we do. The grass has died in spots that get more sun. Also, you aren’t seeing the side yards that we’ve let completely go dry.

  2. Everybody’s yards here are brown. It’s really scary to see. Your yard looks really nice, what I can see of it. 🙂

    • The backyard has so much shade that grass can no longer grow. I use the fallen leaves for mulch around the shrubs which seems to help hold the moisture.

  3. Everything looks lush and green considering the drought.

  4. Yae! I’m so happy for you that the grandchildren are coming. We’re looking forward to seeing our granddaughter later in the year. Your backyard looks very shaded and cool. I hope the drought stops soon.

  5. I love that California look. Here the rain has been bucketing down in trade showers,but the humidity is easing off. A friend gave me a baby mulberry and I will prepare a bed for it today. It’s nice the way you have kept your mulberry low and compact,and I am aiming for that with this tree.

  6. The leaf on your Mulberry looks different from our East Coat Mulberry which is a pest.

  7. How I wish we could send some rain from Illinois to you in California. Today’s heat and humidity is so typical on the prairie. I am staying indoors with the whole house air/con set to 76°f

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