Sun screen use

There has been some discussion around the web about sun screens. Although I have read none of the articles, I gather that Neutragena sunblock is anathema. I don’t care. I rarely use the stuff, but I use Neutragena when I do because that is what Terry buys and uses. 

I should say he buys by the gallons as he slathers it on every day. I, on the other hand, or face, don’t use it unless I know I will be outside, in the sun, for most of the day. My dermatologist told me years ago to stay out of the sun due to my skin type. 

Whether right, wrong, or indifferent, here is how our face skin looks. This photo, taken by a friend who i just met in 3D, shows how we looked on Sunday. 

These are our 60-something faces. 


11 responses to “Sun screen use

  1. You two look great. Young and vigorous with pale skin. Yes, I should use it by the gallon too.

  2. You look wonderful!

  3. Great photo. I use nothing on my face except Ivory soap and water.

  4. Even though I live in Hawaii, I don’t worry about my skin that much except when I go hiking. I do spend a lot of time outdoors but mostly in the shade. I did manage to burn my legs and shoulders kayaking the other day.

  5. Cute photo. I lived in the sun most of my life, but knew nothing of protecting my face with sunscreen. Consequently, my naked face is terrible. Thank God for Estee Lauder and Dermablend. It’s tiresome HAVING to put on makeup every morning, not to mention the cost of said makeup, but the results are more than worth the time, trouble, expense.

  6. you both look great!

  7. My Dermatologist recommended a Eucerin product. Mostly I am outside before 8 AM and after 4 PM. You two look great!

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