Sans makeup

After Vacation Bible School at our daughter’s church, we brought the grandchildren with us back to Fresno. In the six days they were here, I think I put a touch of makeup on my face just one day. I was too busy the other mornings to ever take the time to do so.

As the week progressed, I kept thinking, “how do mothers with numerous children ever get anything like makeup application accomplished?” I realize I was much younger when raising our daughter, and there was only ONE of her, but I did manage to put on makeup, fix my hair, and dress accordingly every single morning. Even on weekends I did the hair and makeup thing because I left the house on those two days, too.

That’s another thing. How did I have the energy to stay so busy? I worked all week, then did laundry, housekeeping, and grocery shopping on the weekends. I taught Sunday School most of those years that Jen was growing up. When I was teaching high school I would use Sunday afternoons to do grading and prepare for the next week. Could I have done all of that if there had been more than one child in this house, as there was this past week with two small grandchildren?

The week was filled with food preparation, laundry, making beds, cleaning up, providing crafting materials, helping with an assortment of tasks, and even a few trips. One day we went to a goat farm in our local foothills and then on for a picnic lunch at a nearby recreation area. I took Judah to the Fresno State farm store for watermelon and then a school supply store to pick up more crafting items. Because of lack of time and extreme temperatures, I never put an ounce of makeup on my face on those days.

The last day, the day we made the return trip to San Mateo, I had to pack up the kids and their sundry items after fixing their breakfast. Again, no time to apply makeup. I can only imagine how I must have looked when we dashed into the emergency room with Leeya at Redwood City Kaiser. I was frantic that she was in so much pain and not concerned with how I looked, just wanting to get some relief for the poor child. After Jen arrived, I broke down in tears. Good thing I was sans makeup or I would have looked even freakier with mascara running down my face.

Update on Leeya: She is in the hospital, recuperating from surgery, and will probably be there for a week so as to make sure there is no infection due to the rupture appendix. As of Saturday afternoon she was still nauseous and unable to keep water down.


11 responses to “Sans makeup

  1. Last wee, I bought myseld some blush and ‘foundation’ SPF stuff. Maybe I will wear it one day? I haven’t worn makeup in 10 years. Stopped applying it when I retired.

    • I have NO color in my face so without makeup I look very washed out. A bit of lipstick can make a difference, though, so I try to smear some on even on those busiest days.

  2. I wear mascara, but that’s about it these days. I am too cheap to buy makeup lol

  3. I’m sorry she is still so ill. The minute they took mine out, I felt great. Makeup? I had two kids, two jobs, and school. I didn’t bother with makeup. I don’t now either.

  4. The older I get the more comfortable I am with the ‘natural’ me. What I call makeup now is just mascara and sunscreen.

  5. It’s amazing how much my makeup routine has altered in retirement. I so hope that you will be posting about how Leeya has made an incredible recovery and you have returned to your makeup routine. Really. Sending you and her plenty of virtual hugs. 🙂

  6. glad your grandaughter is improving. Delaine you have to slow down.

  7. I don’t wear any make up anymore. Who am I trying to impress? If people have a problem with how I look, it’s their problem, not mine.

    Best wishes for your granddaughter.

  8. It’s too humid for makeup here. I just use a little lip gloss. I think I look pretty much OK and don’t worry about my appearance that much.

    • Humidity makes my face melt and run down my neck! That was another reason for sans makeup last week. I was sweating too much for the stuff to even stick! This week is much drier here and I have more time so each morning, as I prepare for Vacation Bible School,I am making up my face.

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