A blank calendar

At least right now my calendar is blank for the next two weeks. Lovely after the past three weeks of busyness.

Three weeks ago we were in San Mateo, helping Jennifer with her church’s Vacation Bible School. We have done this for nine years now. We take care of the grandkids in the afternoons, after VBS in the morning,  while Jen and Chad continue to work at various tasks at church.

Two weeks ago we had the grandchildren here at our house. Lots of fun activities including a trip to a goat farm. Of course, that week ended sadly with our returning the kids to their parents and Leeya becoming violently ill on the trip home.

Last Monday I awoke to news that Leeya was improving from emergency surgery as I prepared to usher 14 four-year olds through a week of Vacation Bible School at our church here in Fresno. I had spent the weekend baking dozens of cookies for the VBS Friday night program where parents and other family members come to watch the children perform.

This past weekend I baked three different cookies and pastries to serve at Coffee Hour after Sunday’s church service. We had been asked, a month ago, if we would host the event so as to learn how it is set up and done. I’m sure the plan is for us to do it again now that we have the routine down-pat. The lady who was in charge of our tutoring was very efficient and I learned a lot.

Now, I am done for awhile. The calendar is filling up towards the end of the month as school here starts August 17. But for these few days, I will enjoy having no tasks to accomplish.


7 responses to “A blank calendar

  1. Everyone needs some down time, and you seem to get less than most. I’m glad you can just spent some time catching up on whatever pleases you most! 🙂

    • I am no where as busy as I was when I was teaching. That job was just about seven days a week all during the school year. No matter what I do, I put a lot of effort into it. Just the way I’m wired.

  2. Enjoy your down time!

  3. Better you than me. I have enough difficulty with David’s diet.

  4. Enjoy your free time!

  5. Have a wonderful time! It’s always great to have some time for yourself.

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